I will adapt your training to suit your body-type, fitness level and exercise preferences. I will also make sure you do what you need to do, safely and incrementally.

If we are training in your home we will be working with free weights (for leg resistance work and pushing exercises) and doing pulls and ab work with the TRX suspension trainer.

I also like to use kettlebells with my clients to get their heart rate up. Kettlebells are great for fat loss, endurance, toning the whole body and for building firm glutes (buttocks).

Thai boxing
And if you want to really let off steam, I am a Thai boxing and Krav Maga self-defence instructor (think J-Lo in Enough), so we can get you hitting and kicking the pads for a few rounds too.

As you can imagine, there’s an almost infinite variety using just these tools, but this kind of circuit training is only the beginning.

The ultimate goal 
After a lifetime of endurance training, I have found that it’s difficult to get a beautiful toned backside with long-distance running or Pilates alone. I now take a more rounded approach.

Running and cycling are fabulous, but most women do not appreciate the benefits of real strength training, for fat loss and sculpting the body.

My aim is to train my clients to the point where they can train like me. Whole-body, complex strength training moves like deadlifts, split squats, and even pull-ups are part of my regular training regime.

Weight Training
If you do weight training, it’s much easier to stay lean because your metabolic system speeds up. At last, you gain the confidence and freedom to be able to live a normal life.

I continue to practise my pilates and I incorporate high intensity cardio training because they complement each other and keep me lean. Now I ask myself “Why didn’t I do weight training 10 years ago?”

There are psychological benefits too. I feel stronger and more confident, there’s a power within that comes out when you weight train. As I see it, when you run, you give your energy to the world, your energy is lost in the air and you end up knackered. When you weight train, you take energy from the world and give it to yourself.

So, we always start gently, taking a close look at your lifestyle outside the gym. As a qualified Chek Practitioner, I emphasize the importance of keeping stress to a minimum, eating and sleeping well.

I integrate my training as a Pilates teacher to prepare my clients for more vigorous training. Pilates is great for strengthening deep stabiliser and postural muscles. If these smaller muscles are strong and working well, you’ll have a great foundation to train harder. If you already have low body fat levels, Pilates can start to add shape and tone to your muscles too.

Paul Chek is renowned for his therapeutic use of the Swiss ball – this is one of my essential tools for both prehab and rehab. Like Pilates, the Swiss ball is particularly good for abdominal muscle activation prior to training.

I place resistance training (bodyweight, TRX, kettlebells and barbell work) at the centre of my clients training.

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